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Welcome to SunnBuilders! We are based out of Mobile, Alabama and have been in the residential and commercial construction business for over 30 years, serving the Gulf Coast. We have shifted our focus to reducing the costs of operating and maintaining the homes and businesses of our customers by installing energy efficient roof with quality workmanship.
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Metal roofs with a Lifetime Warranty

Affordable home services

A roof is a lifetime necessity, so why use a temporary roofing material? Metal roofing is quickly becoming the roofing product of choice across the southeast.

All SunnBuilders Lifetime Metal Roofs carry a lifetime warranty, and are virtually maintenance free. Our Energy Star Coatings ensure high heat reflectivity and energy efficiency, making metal roofs the best choice over other roofing products. 

Quality that you can depend on

We also offer asphalt roofing with fiberglass or organic shingles that are designed to work with the slope of your roof to adequately shed water from your home. Depending on your roofing needs, we will be there every step of the way to reinforce your home with quality, dependable roofing at an affordable price.

Are you looking for ways to make your home more energy efficient?

Solar attic fans are a great addition to any roof!

Powered by free solar energy, this addition provides exceptional attic ventilation with use of your existing vent system. This roof attachment will decrease the stress put on your current HVAC system and is quick and easy for us to install. Equip your roof with cutting edge technology while increasing the value of your home!

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